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Barber kicks leadership skills into high gear

Barber kicks leadership skills into high gear

Tiki Barber was being interviewed on talk radio recently when the host relayed a message from an earlier caller. The caller had accused Barber of giving up on a long run late in the Seahawks game. Barber sounded angry defending himself when no defense was required. Even casual observers of the Giants since Barber joined the party in 1997 know he leaves everything on the field.

He did appear to give up on the play in question, running out of bounds instead of fighting for another couple yards. But all that means is Barber was approaching exhaustion, and another couple yards weren't worth him staggering to the sideline. He used his mind instead of his body. Works sometimes, even in football. The blistering critique summed up Barber's status as an under... Recommended Stories

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