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Reese Meets the Media

Reese Meets the Media

After a half-hour press conference with the New York media on Thursday afternoon, it's even more obvious that New York will select a linebacker in the first round of next Saturday's draft. Just kidding, of course. Among other lessons apparently learned from previous GM Ernie Accorsi, Reese did an excellent job of not tipping his hand in any direction while being peppered by the press.

In any event, several interesting points came out of Reese's press conference, the details of which follow. Q: Last year at this time when Ernie Accorsi was talking to us, what were you doing? Are you more comfortable doing that than this? A: Last year when Ernie was talking to you, we were preparing. Actually the scouting part of it was really over with. We were discussing with the scouts... Recommended Stories

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