Of course Plax has ‘no regrets'

Of course Plax has ‘no regrets'

Much to Tom Coughlin's chagrin, all anyone wanted to talk about (and write about on the TGI message boards) was Plaxico Burress' latest interesting incident.

Much to Tom Coughlin's chagrin, all anyone wanted to talk about (and write about on the TGI message boards) was Plaxico Burress' latest interesting incident. After he was erroneously flagged for offensive pass interference late in the second quarter, Burress went nuts – first on the official that made the call, and then on Coughlin, who appeared to ask him what he was doing.

Anyone who's surprised that Plax jumped right back into the off-field spotlight only one game removed from being suspended clearly isn't paying attention. No matter how upset or fired up you get you can't risk costing your team yardage, nor can you embarrass the head coach in front of the entire NFL nation. To clinch it all, Plax said that he had no regrets about how the whole incident went down.

Buzz Box readers already well know how TGI feels about Burress' recent selfish actions. Now we'll let you decide what to make of it. Here's most of what an unapologetic Burress said to the media at his locker after the game:

Q: Want to explain what happened between you and Coach on the sidelines?

A: No, I just thought the referee made a bad call and I expressed myself to the referee. I thought it was a terrible call and in the heat of the moment words were said and you keep on moving.

Q: Did you talk at halftime about it or did you put it behind you? A: Yeah why not, there was still a whole half of football left to play and we said what we had to say and went out and won the game.

Q: Usually you don't have those words with a head coach during the game…

A: Hey man, it was the heat of the moment, things aren't going my way and I said what I had to say.

Q: How did you see the offensive pass interference?

A: I never touched the guy. It was one of the worst calls I've ever seen. I never touched the guy so I don't know how they said it was pass interference but it happened, he made the call, I said what I had to say to him, he threw the 15-yard flag and I moved on.

Q: Do you regret letting that frustration cost your team and the words that you had with Tom?

A: I don't regret it at all because I'm competing, I'm out there playing my tail off to go out and make plays and I wanted the referees to do the same thing. When I'm out there competing and doing everything I'm supposed to do to help my team win and he just steals it from me of course I'm going to have something to say.

Q: Do you think he targeted you or it was just a bad call?

A: He was the back judge. Why didn't the referee in the middle of the field and the side judges make the call? The guy from the back made it and I didn't understand it.

Q: What did Tom say to you?

A: That was between me and him. We said what we had to say, we went out and made some plays and won the game.

Q: When you and Tom were talking…

A: We're not talking about that. We're talking about the win and we're moving on to Pittsburgh.

Yes, he really just said he had "no regrets" for costing his teammates 15 yards and embarrassing his coach. True story.

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