Tiki Barber (AP)

Tiki Barber's 1,043 rushing yards is the 11th-highest total in team history.

* Tiki Barber is first in the NFC and fifth in the NFL in yards from scrimmage with 1,511 (1,043 rushing and 468 receiving). He has a 20-yard lead in the conference on Deuce McAllister of New Orleans.

The last Giant to lead the conference in scrimmage yards was Ron Johnson, who was No. 1 in the entire NFL in 1970 with 1,514 yards.

* Barber's 1,043 rushing yards is the 11th-highest total in team history. If he maintains his 80 yards-per-game average over the final three weeks, Barber will finish with 1,283 rushing yards, which would be the third-highest total in Giants history. Joe Morris rushed for 1,516 yards in 1986 and 1,336 yards in 1985. Barber is third in the NFC in rushing yardage, behind McAllister (1,176) and Michael Bennett of Minnesota (1,114).

* Barber leads the NFC with 70 first downs. McAllister is second with 67.

* Kerry Collins continues to lead the NFC in passing yards with 3,261, or 90 more than Brett Favre. Collins, who is averaging 250.8 yards per game, must average 167.7 yards in the final three games to beat last year's career-high total of 3,764 yards.

* Collins' completion percentage is 60.4 (274 of 454). The last Giants quarterback to complete more than 60 percent of his passes over a full season was Phil Simms, whose percentage was 61.8 in 1993 (247 of 400). Recommended Stories

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