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Who is Coughlin's most valuable lieutenant?

Who is Coughlin's most valuable lieutenant?

Paul Schwartz: What a rare treat the bye week brought you and me both. I enjoyed going pumpkin picking with my family; you went gaga after returning to Happy Valley to see your beloved Penn State knock off Ohio State. Of course, all of this pales in comparison to the really significant development to come out of the bye:

Tom Coughlin lifted the cone of silence and allowed his assistant coaches to utter a few sentences to the media. Many of these guys have played key roles in the fast 3-1 start, but if I had to pick a MVC (Most Valuable Coach) from Coughlin's staff it would be Mike Sweatman. You may disagree, but if you do then you aren't paying enough attention to special teams. Sweatman's title is special teams... Recommended Stories

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